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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1. Back to the Basics 2. History Book

May 6, 2013
Chiropractic Medicare
1. "Back to the Basics."
2. New Chiropractic History Book Introduced.
Knowing the error rate for we Chiropractors is at 72.9% as determined by CERT....knowing that they believe they have over paid we Chiropractors improper payments....somebody will be catching audits for money recovery! CERT says that the primary reason for the improper payment is "insufficient medical record documentation".

You may believe this has nothing to do with you since all of your claims have been paid. However, the 72.9% error rate is on claims that have been paid....improperly. If you believe S.O.A.P. notes is the documentation they are talking about...that’s a mistake! Documentation is not S.O.A.P.’s a document. That is why it is called documentation. That is the exact information I have been attempting to share with my fellow Chiropractors for the past 34 years.

1. The Basics in Medicare: You must prove a subluxation, x-rays each year or a P.A.R.T. form each visit. Item #14 must be less than 60 days old. Diagnosis must support the care rendered . S.O.A.P. notes in a S.O.A.P. note format. You must have "documentation" in the way of a "document" to prove chiropractic necessity of care. S.O.A.P. notes must indicate and support the CPT Code you billed.

2. NEW CHIROPRACTIC HISTORY BOOK INTRODUCTION: D. D. Palmer & B. J. Palmer started producing "The Chiropractor" booklets in December 1904. "The Chiropractor" were produced and printed each month for four years. We have made those available in two large volumes. They come with Certificate of authenticity of first copies. For those interested in Chiropractic History....these are not available anywhere else. We have a limited number available so please email or call if you are interested.

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