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Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year to Become Compliant in Chiropractic Medicare

December 20, 2011
A New Year to Become Compliant in Chiropractic Medicare
Dear Doctors and Staff,

1.  We are in the window.
2.  Congress ready for Medicare fee vote.
3.  Three areas to contend with in 2012.
4.  Chiropractic Medicare Compliance Program available.

1. We are in a window:
     The month of December is the window available by our Medicare carrier to change from Participating Provider to Non-Participating or Non-Participating Provider to Participating Provider Part B Medicare effective January 2012.
    For those who have attended our Presentation in the past or have purchased "The Basics" Chiropractic Medicare DVD, the hand-out booklet page 42 contains an example letter that must reach your Medicare carrier prior to the end of the year.  Mail this letter certified mail, this being your proof they have received your request to change your participating status.

2. Congress ready for Medicare fee vote: (Action Step request!)
    At the present time congress is still in session and soon voting on the large package bill that will preserve our present fees in Medicare. (Probably even a small raise.)  National News will report on this package bill as it has to do with withholdings. etc, by the employer.  Please call your Congressmen and Senators asking them to vote for this bill.

3. We Chiropractors have three (3) critical areas we must be prepared for as we go into 2012:
   A.  We must know the correct way to do Medicare so we don't get into trouble.
   B.  We must know how to protect Personal Health Information in our offices.
   C.  We must become Medicare Compliant by the end of 2012.  There are seven (7) areas we must have prepared written policy and procedure training, hiring, self audits and reporting. 

4.  Chiropractic Medicare Compliance Program Book & CD:
   The Book is ready to help you start implementing Medicare Compliance in your practice.  Just add your office name, etc., and follow the instructions and you are well on your way to becoming compliant in Medicare.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chiropractic Medicare Compliance Guide & CD of Forms ~Newsletter 12/12/11

December 12, 2011

Chiropractic Medicare
Compliance Book & CD Ready for 2012
We are taking orders!

Dear Doctors and Staff,

It is finally completed!  After 2 1/2 months of late nights, hard work, critical thinking and research, "The Basics" Chiropractic Medicare Compliance Guidebook and CD are finished.
Most of my fellow Chiropractors are aware we "must be in Medicare Compliance" by the end of 2012.  Our Medicare Compliance Program is ready. Just add your office data, names, address and a few additional personnel changes, then print the policies, procedures, guidelines, etc., that have already been completed for you.

Knowing the importance of learning the correct way to do Medicare by federal standards and becoming Medicare Compliant is the important thing to do in Medicare in 2012.  We have a program and its ready to be implemented in your office. My Compliance Guide will save you and your staff hours of hard work. (I know that for a fact!)

REMINDER NOTE:  We are presently in the window to change your Medicare provider status. You can change to Participating Provider or to Non-participating Provider, the time to do that is NOW!