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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Everything Has To Match!"

April 30, 2012
Chiropractic Medicare
"Everything Has To Match!"

Dear Doctors and Staff,

The phone is ringing more and more from fellow Chiropractors dealing with audits and requests for records.  Many times that phone call happens BEFORE they mail their records. However, many times it is after they have sent records and now the carrier is requesting money back.

If that phone call I get is before they mailed records, or better yet, prior to the carrier requesting records, we can review and help you correct errors.

NO, I am not a hired consultant and NO, I do not get paid for my recommendations.

My only request is that the doctor consider our "Chiropractic Medicare DVD and booklet" and “Chiropractic Medicare Compliance CD and booklet” so they learn the correct way to do Medicare and are compliant by the end of this year!

Things must match on the claim:
1.      If item #14 Date of Current is over 60 days, you have told the Medicare Carrier this is a "Chronic Condition” therefore, this claim will be pulled for review.
2.      If your diagnosis does not "support" the adjustments billed, this claim will be pulled for review.
3.      If your number of visits does not match your diagnosis and/or Item #14 Dates of Current, this claim will be pulled for review.
4.      If you are not collecting Exacerbation Data and documenting that data on a "Document", then you have not "documented the necessity of care”. This claim will fail an audit.
5.      If item #19 does not contain the date of x-ray or indicate a P.A.R.T. form was completed for that visit, this claim will be pulled for review.
6.      If item #19 does not contain the terminology indicating you have "documentation", this claim will be pulled for review.
7.      If the information you send to the carrier about a service does not have "Documentation" and a "Treatment Plan", you lose and they will ask for more records. (S.O.A.P. notes are NOT documentation.)

Protect yourself! It's up to you to do it correctly. Don't fool around or procrastinate! Get informed TODAY!!

Have questions? Give Dr. Street a call today at (618) 395-3800.

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