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Friday, March 9, 2012

Step 4 of the 7 Mandated Steps "Developing Effective Lines of Communication"

March 5, 2012
Chiropractic Medicare
"Medicare Compliance"
Step 4 of the 7 Mandated Steps

Dear Doctors and Staff,

"Look for the Silver Lining."  In 1914, Thomas Edison's New Jersey factory was all but wiped out by a massive fire.  The total damage came to more than $2 million; however, the buildings we insured for only $238,000 - because they were concrete and thought to be fireproof.  Edison himself was there that night and watched most of his life's works go up in flames.

The next morning, walking among the ruins, Edison said to his young son Charles: "There is great value in disaster.  All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God that we can start anew."  Three weeks after the fire, Edison unveiled the world’s first phonograph.

The Chiropractic Medicare Compliance Program will "start us anew".  Even though it is quite a hassle, it will assure we are doing Chiropractic Medicare correctly and will surely cut down fraud and abuse in the Medicare program.

Step #4: Developing Effective Lines of Communication:
We must have developed a system in our offices for staff to report suspected non-compliance.  Those reports may be issued to the Compliance Officer or Contractor, by way of a "drop box", hotline phone calls, or both direct contact or anonymous.  A specific chain of command will deal with any reports of non-compliance, and the Compliance Department shall maintain a detailed log of all reports.

The purpose of these seven (7) steps in Chiropractic Medicare Compliance is to stop fraud, abuse and errors.  As you will see the program is extremely effective.  Next week we will cover item # 5, "Auditing and Monitoring Risk Areas" as mandated by the government.

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