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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self Audits for Chiropractors ~ Sept. 26th

The Question: "How can you be successful in a self audit if you don't know how to do it correctly in the first place?"  The "self audit" concept will help fellow Chiropractors and staff understand the depth of responsibility we are soon to be under.

As I prepare the Chiropractic guidelines for a step-by-step map to help Chiropractors become compliant in Medicare, "Self Audit" stands out as a little unusual in outcome. Because of the Inspector General's report, most carriers "believe" they have over paid Chiropractors large sums of money.  The majority of Chiropractors have no idea how to "document" the Chiropractic necessity of care by "federal standards."  However, nearly all Chiropractors get paid by Medicare (96.4%) and because of that chiropractors "believe" they must be doing Medicare correctly.  Results of audits on Chiropractors have proven otherwise because most Chiropractors having audits lose. They end up paying back that in which the Medicare Carrier paid plus fines.

The Reason:  They believe they know how to do Medicare - but they do not.  And since the majority of Chiropractors do not "document" correctly, the Medicare Carriers due to the Inspector General, have agreed that if there is NO correct documentation for a Medicare patient, it should be a non-covered maintenance care service.  They want, and are getting, the money back.
So doing a "self audit", when you don't know the correct way to document in the first place, is quite questionable.

Here is the Answer:  Those who have attended our Seminars over the past 10 years, and those with "The Basics" Chiropractic Medicare DVD's, review and follow the information you have.  The audit success rate is fabulous as long as you do what the seminar and/or DVD presents.  You are the ones that will be able to do "self audits" successfully.

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