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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CERT, Audits, and Security Risk Analysis

February 18, 2015
CERT, Audits, and Security Risk Analysis

     Every Doctor of Chiropractic and Chiropractic Corporation having an NPI number received a package from your Medicare Carrier called “CERT & YOU.”  It contained magnetic stickers, a flyer and a DVD.  This information is specifically for we Chiropractors to reduce the CERT error rate by directly engaging and partnering with each doctor to prevent CERT errors.
     “Watch the DVD” and go to your Medicare Carrier website to review “Medicare Policy & Review”.  Take this information serious, review it with the knowledge that we will be access to random audits by not only CERT, but by CMS, your Medicare Carrier with pre and post audits.
     Presently many Chiropractic offices are requested to present their “Security Risk Analysis.”  Review your software for this information.  Your certified software will have all the questions available for you and your staff to complete.  It is basically pretty just needs to be done.
     The biggest problem with CERT, and other audits, is that most Chiropractors are not doing Medicare correctly, especially documenting the “Chiropractic Necessity of Care”.  If you have attended our presentation or purchased our Chiropractic Medicare DVD....take a moment, review the material given to you and start producing “documentation” as presented....(remember – SOAP Notes are not documentation!)  Those that have our information know what “Documentation” is....use it correctly every Medicare patient visit so when audited, you will be successful.

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