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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Federal Incentive Payments for Implementing Electronic Health Records (EHR)

September 10, 2012
Chiropractic Medicare INCENTIVE
Federal Incentive Payments for Implementing Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Did you know Chiropractors are eligible for up to $44,000.00 each from Medicare? So far $16.5 million has been paid to Chiropractors.  Well over 2000 Chiropractors have been paid, some even the last installment.

You must Attest Meaningful Use in a continuous 90 day period within that calendar year.  In subsequent years, after a providers first year, the reporting period is the entire calendar year. For more information follow this link:

In other words, you must register this month, so you have October thru December of this year for EHR Meaningful Use.  You can still be eligible to receive the full $44,000.00 incentive by implementing EHR in your practice no later than October 3, 2012 and performing meaningful use for just 90 days in your first year.

It makes no difference as to Participating or Non-participating Provider.  If you submit claims for Part B covered services, you are eligible.  If you successfully register and demonstrate meaningful use of a certified Electronic Health Record, your incentive payment will be based on all services allowed under Part B, regardless of your participation status or whether you have accepted assignment on those claims.

Remember....only the use of Certified EHR (those that meet specific federal standards for Meaningful Use) can qualify for incentive payment.  Do you know if your software is qualified? Follow this link:

I am so fortunate to be using ChiroTouch software that has it together.  
Questions?  Give me a call (618) 395-3800.

The Federal Incentive Payments Program is helpful, but remember you must know the correct way to do Chiropractic Medicare and also become Medicare Compliant. Once the correct way to do Medicare is understood, you are half the way. 

You are required to become Medicare Compliant prior to 2013.        
December is coming quickly.  

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